Peter Rice pmr at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Apr 21 16:20:24 UTC 2005

José R. Valverde wrote:

> I would rather welcome a Wiki for EMBOSS documentation.

We have all the documentation (including the sourceforge web pages) in CVS. 
Any member of the development/documentation team can make updates there.

No need for a wiki for this - and a wiki would be difficult to manage as most 
of the documentation is generated automatically.

> The reason is that as I run into problems/tricks/tasks to do, I see
> comments that might be added here and there in the documentation. I
> would rather go to a single site and make the changes myself than 
> go throught he hassle of devising a 'diff' comment, finding out who
> to mail, mailing them andn waiting for a new doc release.

Just mail anything like that to emboss-bug.

After all ... there is not much point in changing a wiki version of the 
documentation if we are busy changing the application and the real 
documentation :-)



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