[EMBOSS] wEMBOSS-1.4.0 & wrappers4EMBOSS-1.2

Martin Sarachu msarachu at biol.unlp.edu.ar
Mon Apr 11 15:30:54 UTC 2005

This is to announce the release of wEMBOSS-1.4.0 & wrappers4EMBOSS-1.2

Changes in wEMBOSS include:
  - Small bugfixes and improvements of the ACD parser
  - Added support for Opera browser
  - Added multiple deletion of results

Changes in wrappers4EMBOSS include:
  - Compatibility for EMBOSS 2.8, 2.9 and 2.10
  - ps_scan wrappers updated for the last version of ps_scan.pl
  - Minor ACD enhancements

wrappers4EMBOSS can be installed together with wEMBOSS and is included 
in its distribution.
wrappers4EMBOSS can also be downloaded as a single package.

You can download both packages from http://www.wemboss.org

Martin Sarachu
msarachu at biol.unlp.edu.ar

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