[EMBOSS] Threading einverted

Mike Muratet muratem at eng.uah.edu
Mon Apr 4 15:39:57 UTC 2005

On Mon, 4 Apr 2005, Peter Rice wrote:

> Dear Mike,
> > Has anyone ever tried to port einverted to a parallel machine like the SGI
> > altix? Has anyone tried to build multiple threads into einvertied?
> We have not heard of any attempt to make einverted multi-threaded.
> The algorithm is not the easiest to thread. But if you would like to try, I 
> would be happy to help!
> regards,
> Peter Rice


I'm willing to have a go at it. I have an immediate need (isn't that
always the case?) and the shortest path may be threading. The biggest
machine I have access to is an altix. The Itaniums's are supposed to
scream. The system is down at the moment, but when it's available again
I'll compile it and run a benchmark with the existing source.

Do you have anything that describes the algorithm? I don't recall seeing
a reference to a paper. I'll print out the source and stare at it tonight.
The Altix has 16-cpu SMB nodes. It would be nice to hit on all 16.



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