[EMBOSS] EMBOSS 2.9.0 released

Derek Gatherer d.gatherer at vir.gla.ac.uk
Fri Jul 16 12:29:05 UTC 2004


Will cvs still be usable?

cvs -d :pserver:cvs at cvs.open-bio.org:/home/repository/emboss login

or does that have to be pointed at emboss.sf.net too?


At 18:58 15/07/2004 +0100, Alan Bleasby wrote:
>This email announces the release of EMBOSS 2.9.0; the traditional St
>Swithin's Day release prior to the ISMB conference. Many of the EMBOSS
>developers will be at ISMB. There will be an EMBOSS talk at BOSC,
>three related ISMB demonstrations (EMBOSS, JEMBOSS and Taverna) and
>we'll be present at the poster session. We hope to see you there.
>EMBOSS 2.9.0 can be downloaded via the new web site (emboss.sf.net)
>which we encourage people to start using. At present the download will
>be directed to the RFCGR ftp server; this will be changed. The old web
>site (www.rfcgr.mrc.ac.uk/Software/EMBOSS) will be removed within the
>year. Please note that the emboss.org domain has never been owned by
>the EMBOSS core developers so we have no control over any popups
>appearing on that site.
>As usual the changes appear in the ChangeLog file. A
>major feature of this release is extensive modifications to ACD and
>the libraries as part of the development of an EMBOSS ontology. This
>is to allow future provision of workflow analysis.
>The EMBASSY packages can now be compiled and linked against an
>installed version of EMBOSS. There is no need to retain the EMBOSS
>sources. This can be done from any directory. You just need to provide
>an appropriate --prefix= option to the configure command. The only
>exception is if you have installed EMBOSS in /usr/local/bin and
>associated directories.  In this one case you must give the
>--enable-localforce option to your EMBASSY configure command as
>well. This does not apply to, for example, installations into
>/usr/local/emboss or any other directory hierarchy under /usr/local
>(the --prefix= option is enough). Older downloads of the EMBASSY
>packages will not work with 2.9.0; you should download them again.
>The decision of the MRC to close the RFCGR (see appended URL) has
>delayed the completion of several improvements (e.g. indexing, the new
>graphics library and the ACD ontology). We hope to get these out in
>the next release. We are, however, still seeking alternative sources
>of funding so it would therefore be unwise for us to give any firm
>For the official MRC announcement of the closure of the RFCGR see:


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