[EMBOSS] Making Jemboss available to all

simon andrews (BI) simon.andrews at bbsrc.ac.uk
Wed Jan 21 09:13:51 UTC 2004

I'm trying to install the Jemboss client in such a way that it's accessible to everyone on our site.  For other applications I've done this by installing them on a network share which is visible to everyone and then getting them to run them from there.  I can't get this to work with Jemboss though.

The problem seems to be that I need to refer to the program location using a windows UNC path (\\server\share\Jemboss\run_jemboss.bat), rather than by using a mapped drive (X:\Jemboss\run_jemboss.bat).  The latter method works fine, but this isn't an option when I've got to make this accessible to everyone.  Using a UNC path seems to mess up the classpath so that Jemboss can't find the modules it needs.

Having asked about this in a Java newsgroup it appears there may be an internal java function to locate the initial directory of the java application, rather than the current method of defining a classpath.  Is there any way this could be implemented in Jemboss to allow for this kind of installation?  The relevant thread can be found here:




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