[EMBOSS] debian

Joerg Muehlisch jmuehlis at uni-muenster.de
Mon Jan 19 09:16:06 UTC 2004

"Jan T. Kim" wrote:
 Hi Jan,

In fact I just had to install the package you recommended to me.
So debian standard installation + xlibs-dev makes it possible to install
the emboss package.

Sorry Charles but i didn t find the time to test the .deb packages from
Matt Hope.

Thanks for your help


> I guess that you need to install some package(s), probably related
> to software development. (Note: compiling & installing requires packages
> for software development, even if you don't develop the stuff yourself.)
> In particular, do you have the package xlibs-dev installed? If not,
> install that and try the ./configure ; make ; make install combo again.
> Good luck.
> Greetings from Luebeck,
> Jan

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