[EMBOSS] MacOSX Panther

Sylvain Foisy sylvain.foisy at bioneq.qc.ca
Sat Jan 17 17:09:33 UTC 2004


On 04-01-16, at 23:39, Sabrina Dyall wrote:

> Hi all,
> Where can one find detailed instructions (aimed at the lay-biochemist) 
> on how to install EMBOSS 2.8.0 on a Mac running Panther, starting from 
> downloading the package, expanding it, and compiling it? Second, how 
> does one update to a new version of EMBOSS? I am currently using 
> embossrunner with 2.7.1 and would like to update to 2.8.0, but have 
> not been very successful.

Fink is a way but I prefered to do it as per a regular UNIX 
installation. OK, here how I did it:

- First, you need to install some librairies for JPEG/PNG cration using 
GD. Use these instructions:
	http://www.stepwise.com/Articles/Workbench/2001-06-12.01.html (GD 
1.8.5) or
	http://www.paginar.net/matias/articles/gd_x_howto.html (GD 2.0)

The second instruction set is not totally ok. I got it to work by 
following the first one for libjpg/libpng installation and then 
installing GD 2.

- Second, simply d/l emboss archive and run the install-emboss script 
as per the instructions on the web site. Take note that if you want to 
install in the default location (/usr/local/emboss), you will need to 
use sudo or switch to root user. I selected standalone for jemboss.

If you have any question/problem, don't hesitate.



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