[EMBOSS] emboss, a web interface for EMBOSS

Martín Sarachu mad at biol.unlp.edu.ar
Tue Jan 13 13:49:38 UTC 2004

Hi Mat,

1) wEMBOSS is written in Perl while jEMBOSS is in Java.
2) wEMBOSS works from the browser (tested with IE 6 & Netscape 7) while jEMBOSS 
does not need a browser.
3) jEMBOSS needs extra installation (Jakarta & Java WebStart), nearly everything 
wEMBOSS needs comes in a regular Linux (except some Perl modules).
4) At this point, wEMBOSS is faster than jEMBOSS, but this is because of actual 
5) jEMBOSS has (not sure) batch capabilities, wEMBOSS not yet.
6) jEMBOSS has a file browser (for local & server files), wEMBOSS not yet.
7) Both jEMBOSS and wEMBOSS have a private workspace for each user.

Hope this helps.

 > Thanks for what looks like a good effort!
Thanks, we're somewhat tired ;)



Wiepert, Mathieu wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for posting this.  Do you think it might be useful to post why this is different than JEMBOSS, or perhaps enumerate the differences between the two packages?  We are wanting a web interface here, and most people had pointed me to JEMBOSS, but this seems like a new entry to the field?  I didn't post this to the whole list, but they might be interested in the reply, but I wanted to leave that up to you.
> Thanks for what looks like a good effort! 
> -mat
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>>wEMBOSS, a web interface for EMBOSS
>>     * Each user has a separate and private workspace.
>>     * Organize your work by creating projects and subprojects.
>>     * Results saved for easy recover & review.
>>     * Inline help.
>>     * Keyword search for programs and documentation.
>>     * Administrator can exclude EMBOSS programs from wEMBOSS.
>>You can download wEMBOSS from 
>>Authors: Marc Colet, Martin Sarachu
>>wEMBOSS is a joint effort between BEN & AR.EMBnet
>>Martín Sarachu
>>mad at biol.unlp.edu.ar
>>EMBNet Argentina

Martín Sarachu
mad at biol.unlp.edu.ar
EMBNet Argentina

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