[EMBOSS] EMBOSS wrappers - Beta release

Martin Sarachu mad at biol.unlp.edu.ar
Mon Aug 9 13:00:30 UTC 2004

Dear EMBOSSers,

this is to announce BETA release of the EMBOSS wrappers. These wrappers
add a number of programs to your EMBOSS distribution, being:

Programs in CLUSTAL wrapper
* clustal: Global multiple alignment of sequences
* clustalnj: Neighbor-Joining phylogenetic tree from multiple alignment

Programs in BLAST wrapper
* blast: BLAST search of query sequence(s) against sequence search set
* blast2seq: Finds local alignments between two sequences, using BLAST
* phiblast: Search protein sequence set combining matching of pattern
with local alignment of a query sequence surrounding the match
* psiblast: Iterative BLAST search with generation of profile of protein
sequence against protein sequence set
* makeblastdb: Make BLAST format sequence database using formatdb

Programs in fastA wrapper
* fastasearch: fastA search of query sequence(s) against sequence search set
* fasta2seq: Finds local alignments between two sequences, using fastA
* fastapid: Protein identification from peptides using fastA algorithm

Programs in ps_scan & pf_make wrapper
* ps_scan: Scans proteins against patterns, profiles and rules of PROSITE
* pf_make: Creates PROSITE style profile from protein multiple alignment

Programs in bscan wrapper
* bscan: Scans proteins or nucleic acids using Blocks

All the wrappers are the work of Guy Bottu <gbottu at ben.vub.ac.be> and
this installation script is the work of Martin Sarachu
<msarachu at biol.unlp.edu.ar>.
This is a joint effort between the Belgian and Argentinian EMBnet nodes.

This release is fully compatible with EMBOSS-2.8.0 and partially
compatible with EMBOSS-2.9.0 (only bscan, ps_scan & pf_make wrappers), a
new release is being prepared for EMBOSS-2.9.0

You can download the wrappers from the wEMBOSS site, here

Please place all your questions & comments on the wrappers4EMBOSS Forums at

The wrappers has been succesfully tested on Linux RedHat 9.



Martín Sarachu
msarachu at biol.unlp.edu.ar
EMBnet Argentina

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