[EMBOSS] "fasta" program

Guy Bottu gbottu at ben.vub.ac.be
Wed Oct 22 14:17:41 UTC 2003

from : BEN

	Dear Graziano,
At the BEN site we have BLAST, fastA and some other programs installed under an 
EMBOSS "wrapper" program. In their present form these programs are not readily 
installable elsewhere. When a year ago we dropped GCG (had become too
expensive !) I rushed to replace the lost functionality for our users and did 
not consider portability.

I think it would be a good idea to distribute our BLAST and fastA wrappers as an 
"Embassadir". I will start a conversation with the EMBOSS developement team 
about what is necessary to make it work. I know that M. Sarachu from the 
Argentina and J. Valverde from the Spanish EMBnet Nodes have our wrappers 
running at their site. J. Valverde had started to make it portable, but I do not 
know how far he got by know.

If you are in a hurry, I can send you the files in their present state. To make 
it work you mainly need to edit the files and replace the paths of the programs 
and the names of the databanks by what you have at your site. Note that, since 
the EMBOSS programs are just "wrappers", you need in the first place the fastA 
programs themselves properly installed and configured with a collection of 
databanks in fastA format.

	Guy Bottu

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