[EMBOSS] maximum number of sequences for eprimer3

Iain Drummond idrummon at receptor.mgh.harvard.edu
Sat Oct 18 01:33:01 UTC 2003

I am using eprimer3 and multiple fasta formatted dinucleotide containing
sequences as input. I find that eprimer3/primer3_core will handle an input
file containing up to 23 sequences; at 24 sequences, both eprimer3 and
primer3_core ³sleep². i.e. the processes never acheive run status when I
watch what happens using top or prstat.

I don¹t know if this has something to do with limitations of my system (sun
ultra5/1GB ram/500 MB free disk space) or intrinsic to
eprimer3/primer3_core. I do know that it also happens on a Mac OS X system
(640 MB ram/35 GB free disk space).

Is there a config file that sets limits on eprimer3? (that i can change?)

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