[EMBOSS] Re: EMBOSS GUI : mwcontam : unknown datatype 'filelist'

H.Ronald Yang ronald.yang at jakru.com
Tue Oct 14 17:58:00 UTC 2003

I am using Luke's EMBOSS-GUI.  Maybe I should ask the question to Luke.  If
so, sorry to bother you with this.


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>       Are you using JEmboss or another web GUI?
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> Asunto: EMBOSS GUI : mwcontam : unknown datatype 'filelist'
>       Hi,
>       I have a problem using "mwcontam" and "mwfilter" through EMBOSS
> Web GUI.
>       When I click on the one of "PROTEIN COMPOSITION" tool, "mwcontam",
> from the
>       left side panel, there is error.  Right after "input section", it
> says
>       "ERROR" and "unknown datatype 'filelist'".  Is this possible to
> fix?
>       Thanks in advance,
>       Ron

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