installation of Jemboss from EMBOSS-2.6.0 package questions

Dr T. Carver tcarver at
Tue Mar 4 21:03:55 UTC 2003

Hi Jerry,

> "Enter java (1.3 or above) location [/usr]"?  There is a "java" directory in
> /usr and it contains links to a jre-1.3.1_04 directory in /usr/lib.  So, is it
> correct for me to accept the default answer /usr?

I suspect you have in your path a /usr/bin/java which the script is
picking up. If you type 'which java' it should tell you.
I would recommend though that you get the latest J2SE 1.4.1 SDK though.

> Likewise, what is the meanining of "Enter EMBOSS download directory"?

This is the EMBOSS-2.6.0 directory location. It should give you this as
the default in the square brackets.

> Finally, what is the best answer to "Enter where
> EMBOSS should be installed [/usr/local/emboss]"?  In my case, the
> EMBOSS-2.6.0.tar file was extracted in /usr/local/emboss.  My recollection is
> that the straight EMBOSS installation puts EMBOSS in /usr/local and its
> subdirectories.  Wouldn't that be best for the Jemboss/EMBOSS installation,
> also?

This is totally up to you where you want install to. I think people tend
to use /usr/local/emboss if they want to keep emboss installation
completely separate.

Finally I would recommend a fresh download of all components
(EMBOSS-2.6.0, Axis, and tomcat) when doing the installation.

I hope this helps.
Tim Carver


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