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Stefanie Lager stefanielager at fastmail.ca
Wed Jan 15 07:44:58 UTC 2003

diffseq use a local wordmatch alignment algorithm, it finds gaps but
at the ends you can't match against NOTHING. Try using a global
alignment algorithm instead (e.g. needle or stretcher). But maybe it
could be an option in diffseq to use either use a local or global
alignment algorithm?


> Hi, Group,
> I have one copy of EMBOSS (ver2.5.1) installed locally under
> cygwin/win2k. I expected "diffseq" can do the job as its name.
> However, I found it can not identify the different sequence at the
> both ends of input sequences. Only the different seq. inside can
> be indentified. Why? Is it the design purpose? How can I get all
> different sequences I need?
> Thank you.
> Chunlei

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