blast or fasta with emboss

Guy Bottu gbottu at
Wed Apr 30 10:49:01 UTC 2003

from : BEN

	Dear Arun,
At the BEN site we have installed the BLAST and fastA packages and then written 
EMBOSS "wrapper" programs to run the programs from EMBOSS (just like CLUSTAL and 
Primer3 for which there are "wrappers" within the EMBOSS distribution). Because 
I was in a hurry to offer BLAST/fastA as fast as possible to our user, I did not 
do the efort to make it readily portable (contain absolute links, ...). I had 
sent a copy of our programs to Martin Sarachu from the Argentinian EMBnet node 
and Jose Valverde from the Spanish EMBnet Node. They were going to do the 
porting. I have howver not yet heard how they fared.

	Guy Bottu

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