database info

Koen van der Drift kvddrift at
Mon Apr 28 19:02:46 UTC 2003

At 17:50 +0100 4/28/03, Peter Rice wrote:

>DB genbank [ type: N
>    method: srswww format: genbank release: NCBI
>    comment: "Genbank from NCBI"
>    url: ""
>  ]
>DB embl [ type: N
>    method: srswww format: embl release: EBI
>    comment: "EMBL from EBI"
>    url: ""
>  ]

I added these entries to .embossrc, and they then indeed show up when 
I run showdb.

Following the example in the tutorial 
I now  run seqret, but get the following error:

Input sequence(s): embl:xlrhodop
Error: Unable to read sequence 'embl:xlrhodop'

Do I need to do something else before I can use seqret (and other programs)?

Is there a place in the docs on how to use/access databases?

thanks again,

- Koen.

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