Dr T. Carver tcarver at
Tue Apr 22 09:14:31 UTC 2003

I would be very interested to know your ideas on improvements that can
be made to the existing Jemboss GUI. We would certainly encourage and
*very* much welcome any collaboration or code improvements to the GUI.
Feedback and GUI enhancement to Jemboss are actively encouraged! The code,
as it is part of the EMBOSS distribution, is freely available.

In the early stages of the project people have had problems with the
installation process. The install script has been improved and includes
different types of installations. It is tested on standard installations
of Solaris, linux, AIX, OSF, MacOSX and irix platforms. The problems that
people encounter are mainly to do with the site specific set up. However,
I think we could do better with documentation.

You may be interested to know the work we are currently doing includes
an integrated sequence editor and a multiple sequence editor. The early
release of the multiple sequence editor can be found in Jemboss at the
HGMP. This can be run separately from the interface but initially can be
found as part of the main Jemboss GUI.

There is also a CCP11 project at the HGMP to work on improving the
graphics to EMBOSS and these will be filtered through to Jemboss.

Tim Carver


On 21 Apr 2003, Maxim Telegin wrote:

> Dear EMBOSS users!
> Our group means to write some integrated GUI frontend using the EMBOSS
> package. It is planed as all-in-one program, such as Vector NTI under
> Windows platform plus such enhancements as advanced functions in
> cloning-strategy planning and other. As base we are planning to use the
> Gtk library (because we have some experience). Is such program will be
> useful? We know that different GUI frontends (Jemboss, Kaptain etc)
> exists, but we want to realize something more powerfull.
> Regards
> Maxim A. Telegin
> Russian Academy of Sciences

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