Maxim Telegin maximtel at
Mon Apr 21 12:44:26 UTC 2003

В Пнд, 21.04.2003, в 13:46, David Martin написал:
> That would be very nice. Even better would be adding functionality (like
> Jemboss) where the databases and applications can exist on a remote machine
> (possibly by using SOPA or somesuch).
Yes, I think it is very important property so we are planning to realize
such arсhitecture.

> Another key element for a good gui is drag and drop cloning. That would be
> really nice..
This is one of our major aims. I think EMBOSS package poor with this
functionality, so realization of GUI in this context will be fully
justified. CLI despite it's power does'nt adequate in this case. At
least we have to realize some important widgets (sequence editing with
ability to visualize addition data (features, translations, restriction
sites etc) and interactive sequence map viewer with generating of
publication - quality graphics). I think this vidget library will be
usefull not for our program only.

Thanks for the tips.

Maxim A. Telegin
Russian Academy of Sciences

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