Jemboss and Fink package problems

Lorraine Cavanaugh mayaguezcoqui at
Mon Apr 21 20:59:12 UTC 2003

Hi all,

I have recently attempted to install Emboss and Jemboss to run in 
standalone mode on my G4 laptop.  I was unable to get the program suite 
to compile properly using the Jemboss script, but was able to get Fink 
to install the package for me.

Anyone have ideas on how to configure Emboss to run as standalone with 
a Jemboss interface with a Fink installation?  I think Fink only 
installed Emboss (which works fine from the command line).  I did 
install Jemboss, which launches, but asks for a username and password 
on startup, so I think it's trying to run in client mode.

Lorraine Cavanaugh
Hughson Lab
Department of Molecular Biology
201 Schultz Labs
Princeton University

lcavanaugh at
mayaguezcoqui at

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