New release of Kaptain X11 GUI for EMBOSS

Thomas Siegmund siegmund at
Tue Apr 15 15:15:44 UTC 2003

Hi everybody,

I'd like to announce that a new version of the EMBOSS GUI for Linux/Unix 
systems running QT/KDE is available.

Thanks to Terék Zsolt (who fixed some bugs and released Kaptain 0.71 a few 
days ago) we can use QT3.x now. The widgets look quite nice in a KDE3 
environment and use less space on the screen than the QT2 version. 

Support for EMBOSS 2.6 is complete.

You can the grammars for EMBOSS and Phylip as usual at . Kaptain 0.71 is available 
from .

From the changelog:

Version 0.89
- fixes for quite a few number of grammars for kaptain0.71. This version
  understands rules like 'something -> @ | "-something"' a little bit
  differently. The grammars should work with kaptain 0.6 and kaptain 0.71 now.
  Please report any problems, especially with the older version. I will use
  kaptain 0.71 from now on.

Version 0.88
- new: skipseq.kaptn

Version 0.87
- one more fix in embosslauncher
- make showalign.kaptn, emma.kaptn, est2genome.kaptn, remap.kaptn,
  showseq.kaptn, efitch.kaptn work with kaptain 0.7
- fix empty lines in embossdata.kaptn
- fixed -sreverse option in needle.kaptn and water.kaptn with kaptain 0.7

Version 0.86
- small fix to embosslauncher

Version 0.85 - finished support for EMBOSS 2.6
- new: pestfind.kaptn, sirna.kaptn, twofeat.kaptn
- moved grammar files for "Protein 3D" applications to separate directory
 "Domainatrix". For the moment they won't get installed automatically.
  If you need them, please copy them manually to the appropriate locations.
  If you update, it might be a good idea to remove the
  $KDEDIRS/share/applnk/EMBOSS directory before running the install script to
  get rid of stale .desktop files
 - "other" option for msbar.kaptn
- "featinname" feature for extractfeat.kaptn
- small fix for cpgplot.kaptn



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