Detecting selection

Joerg Schaber Joerg.Schaber at
Tue Apr 15 08:22:25 UTC 2003

You might want to use PAML.

Sean.Maceachern at wrote:

>Hello, I have just commenced a PhD and am interested in detecting selection
>in a large subset of genes between two species. Owing to the large number
>of samples that I am analysing I need to find a program that I can automate
>through command line. To date I have not been able to find a program on
>EMBOSS that will detect ratios between synonymous and nonsynonymous
>mutations in a method analagous to GCG's Diverge. Does anyone know of a
>program on EMBOSS that will calculate these ratios or can anyone suggest a
>reliable program that would be easy to automate via command line that i can
>source from the web
>Thank you
>Sean MacEachern
>PhD Student
>Sean.Maceachern at

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