GenBank indexing Trouble

Hironori Kawai hkawai at
Wed Sep 11 10:13:20 UTC 2002

Thanks for uploading new version quickly.
The problem I had reported did not occur in new version.

But, I would like to discuss another issue.
In my previous report, I mentioned duplicate 
ID 'AY071141'. The duplicate entries are shown below.
LOCUS       AY071141                2622 bp   
DEFINITION  Drosophila melanogaster RE17910 full length cDNA.

LOCUS       AY071141                2958 bp  
DEFINITION  Drosophila melanogaster RE17910 full insert cDNA.
Even if I use AY119119 with entret/seqret, the former entry is output.
I think it is dangerous because it's difficult to notice incorrect entries have been output.
In this case, I wish entret/seqret output the latter entry or output no entry but warning.

Best regards

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