GenBank indexing Trouble

Peter Rice peter.rice at
Tue Sep 10 08:27:51 UTC 2002

Dear Kawai,

>  I'm using EMBOSS package. I appreciate developers' efforts.
>  Unfortunately, I found a trouble when I indexed GenBank 130 and 
> called it with entret/seqret.

>  I focused on the duplicate ID AY071141 and I removed one AY071141entry
>  (from gbinv4.seq file). 

There is a problem with duplicate IDs which will be solved in EMBOSS 2.5.1

Alan: can we build 2.5.1 or put the updated dbi*.c and embdbi.* files in 
the patchfiles directory?


Peter Rice

Peter Rice, LION Bioscience Ltd, Cambridge, UK
peter.rice at +44 1223 224723

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