this format is not readable by seqret

Joerg Muehlisch jmuehlis at
Tue Oct 15 09:03:19 UTC 2002

Hello there,

my name is Jörg Mühlisch and I work in the Departement of pediatric
hematology and oncology at the University of Munster (Germany). As a
Scientist I use emboss on linux.

So here is my first question:

I have a sample of sequences in different formats. Before I try to index
them tested them for readablility by seqret:

find ./ -name "*" -exec seqret -osf fasta {} ../Sequencesothers/{} /;

Some of my files are not readable and I do not know the name of their

Contig 1 (1,506)
  Contig Length:                  506 bases
  Average Length/Sequence:        458 bases
  Total Sequence Length:         1375 bases
  Top Strand:                       3 sequences
  Bottom Strand:                    0 sequences
  Total:                            3 sequences

May be there is a way to change this format in an apropriate way. 


Jörg Mühlisch
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