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You append the 'sv', 'des', 'org', 'key', etc to the database name with
a '-' and to a file name with a ':', so:

with a database you use a command like:

seqret embl-des:fau

with a file you use a command like:

seqret filename:org:homo


Joerg Schaber wrote:
> Hi,
> dbiflat allows to index other fields except id and accession number like
> sequence version (seqv), description (des), keywords and taxon. However,
> in the example databases that come with EMBOSS I found only field
> definitions like 'fields: "sv des org key"'. So do I access the
> additional indices (e.g. in seqret) via 'seqret-sv:\*',
> 'seqret-des:\*','seqret-org:\*','seqret-key:\*', respectively?
> 'seqret-taxon:\*', 'seqret-seqv:\*', and 'seqret-keyword:\*'  did not work.
> Greetings,
> joerg

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