other indices

Joerg Schaber Joerg.Schaber at uv.es
Mon Oct 14 12:11:59 UTC 2002


dbiflat allows to index other fields except id and accession number like 
sequence version (seqv), description (des), keywords and taxon. However, 
in the example databases that come with EMBOSS I found only field 
definitions like 'fields: "sv des org key"'. So do I access the 
additional indices (e.g. in seqret) via 'seqret-sv:\*', 
'seqret-des:\*','seqret-org:\*','seqret-key:\*', respectively? 
'seqret-taxon:\*', 'seqret-seqv:\*', and 'seqret-keyword:\*'  did not work.



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