Install Emboss with Windows??

clwu newgene at
Thu Nov 21 14:55:24 UTC 2002

I recently compiled EMBOSS successfully under cygwin/win2K(Thanks for
David Starks-Browning's great help). And so far, all applications I used
works fine(graphics output is also OK under openbox/cygwin). I think you 
should install cygwin and give a try.

good luck.


Myrian_Grondin at UQTR.CA wrote:e

 >We are working on PC, OS Windows 98, and we would like to know if it's 
 >to install Emboss on our machine. If so, which software have we to 
install to
 >be able to run Emboss?
 >Thanks a lot (excuse me, my English is so poor...)
 >Courriel expédié via

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