EMBOOS end EMBL entryname

Stefanie Lager stefanielager at fastmail.ca
Thu Nov 21 08:19:32 UTC 2002


Does EMBL still stick to entrynames (the ID line)of "nine uppercase
alphanumeric  Characters"?
(http://www.ebi.ac.uk/embl/Documentation/User_manual/id_line.html) .I
can't retrive sequences from the International Protein Index (IPI)
database (11 characters in ID entryname) in EMBL or SWISS format using
EMBOSS programs. The EMBOSS programs only accepts 10 characters for ID
in EMBL or SWISS format . Is this problem fixed in EMBOSS versions
later than 2.4.1? EMBL can have wthatever policy they want but it
would be nice if the EMBOSS programs would accept ANY lenth of ID also
in EMBL and SWISS format. 

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