emboss in cygwin

Peter Rice peter.rice at uk.lionbioscience.com
Fri Nov 1 10:12:58 UTC 2002

clwu wrote:
>           I am new to group. I tried to compile EMBOSS under 
> win2K/cygwin but I failed. EMBOSS website at HGMP mentioned that
> "Richard Bruskiewich and Simon Kelley at the Sanger Centre have 
> succeeded in compiling EMBOSS under Windows NT using the CygWin package. 
> The resulting executables have been tested but not thoroughly enough for 
> a release. Contact Richard Bruskiewich for more information. ". But I 
> can not follow the link in this page to get help.

That is rather old information.

The history is that Richard Bruskiewich made a windows port of an early 
ACEDB version, and they both tried porting an early EMBOSS release using 
cygwin - which worked apart from the graphics library and windows fiel naming.

Neither Richard nor Simon have been working on this recently.

David Starks-Browning at EBI has built EMBOSS but not yet tried the 
applications. I hear of other groups who have also tried.

You can expect problems with Windows filenames which clash with EMBOSS 
"USA" syntax. We can try to fix these - perhaps by requiring all database 
names to have more than one letter so Windows drive letters work.

Any suggestions on changes needed to make EMBOSS work better (or work at 
all) on windows systems?


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