Compiling EMBOSS 2.4.1 on Mac OS X

Rudi Grams rgrams at
Tue Jul 30 06:52:20 UTC 2002

Any chance that you used stuffit expander to extract the emboss archive? 
Stuffit cannot deal with long file names and will change the names of such 

alignment_differences_group.html and others of the html files exceed the name 
length that stuffit can handle.

Better use the unix tools as described in the manual.

By the way I'am working on a simple GUI for emboss apps done in AppleScript 
Studio, similar to the Linux/Kaptain interface by Thomas Siegmund. If there is 
any interest please let me know...



Rudi Grams
Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
Thammasat University
Rangsit Campus
Pathum Thani 12121

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