Emboss and EMBL in GCG format

Tony Pemberton pemberaj at pugh.bip.bham.ac.uk
Wed Jul 3 09:11:42 UTC 2002

Has anybody come across this problem:

I am trying to index the latest release of EMBL 71.0 which has
been converted to GCG format (for GCG). In both version 2.2.0
and 2.4.1, I get the following returned by dbigcg:

Error accessing temp file.

EMBOSS An error in dbigcg.c at line 565:
Failed to open embl.acsrt2 for reading

Error accessing temp file.

   EMBOSS An error in embdbi.c at line 590:
Cannot open embl.acnum_sort2 for reading

Is this an EMBL release size problem? Previous releases of EMBL have
not shown this problem. I have the daily updates to EMBL as a separate
database and they index normally. I therefore suspect it is a
problem related to the ever increasing size of EMBL. Can anyone


Tony Pemberton

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