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Michael Behnke wrote:
>   I have been using the getorf program recently to find ORF's in
> Cryptosporidium contigs with great results.  I do have a question though.
> Does anyone know what are the STOP and START codons used by the program,
> and do they change depending upon the table one uses?  I see that plotorf
> uses Stop codons = TAA,TAG,TGA and Start codon = ATG, are these the same
> for getorf?

Yes, the STOP & START codons are held in the genetic code tables and
will change with the table you choose.

By default this is the Standard Code

The STOP & START codons in the default table are, as you describe above, 
Stop codons = TAA,TAG,TGA and Start codon = ATG.

The '-table' qualifier allows you to pick other tables.


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