tfscan blues

Charles Plessy c.plessy at
Wed Jul 25 21:18:47 UTC 2001

Le Mercredi 25 Juillet 2001 20:31, Guy Bottu a écrit :
> from : BEN
> 	Dear colleagues,
> I had already posted this question before, but nobody had replied. The
> problem is that the value of the program tfscan is decreasing, since we
> cannot get updates of TRANSFAC anymore, unless we pay a licence, and I
> wonder whether at all EMBnet Nodes have the right to give access to their
> users.
> For info, see
> Anybody a comment ?

I have a related question : do you think that it would be possible to build 
fake transfac databases from a simple file?
Currently I'm adding into an array (in the GCG findpattern format) any 
binding site of my interest that i find in the litterature. (with a name and 
a reference)
The goal would be to use existing programs to do searches within a set of 
home-selected transcription factors.

Charles PLESSY

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