EMNU v1.0.0, undefined reference in libplplot

Johann Visagie johann at egenetics.com
Tue Jan 23 15:08:55 UTC 2001

Hi Thomas,

Thomas Siegmund on 2001-01-23 (Tue) at 15:33:46 +0100:
> I too have the problem with undefined references in libplplot as Johann 
> Visagie described. My system: SuSE linux 7.0 on i686. EMBOSS 1.9.0 and Phylip 
> (Embassy) compiled and installed without problems.

My apologies.  Gary Williams and I moved the conversation to private email
after the first few postings to the EMBOSS list.

Gary solved the problem relating to undefined references in emnu.o, and
you'll see that he has made EMNU-1.0.0 available on their FTP site.

The problem with undefined references in libplplot when compiling EMNU is due
to the fact that anything that links against libplplot should also link
against libX11.  You can manually enforce this by editing
EMNU-1.0.1/source/Makefile *after* running ./configure in the EMNU-1.0.1
directory.  This is a bit of a kludge, and I'm sure Gary will solve the
problem in a more elegant way than I did.  :-)

-- Johann

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