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Johann Visagie johann at
Wed Feb 28 12:04:53 UTC 2001

ableasby at on 2001-02-28 (Wed) at 11:05:50 +0000:
> >Is there really no alternative to the plplot library?
> None that's around at the moment that I can see and is LGPL'd.
> We are interviewing for two positions early next month though
> and the job of one of the posts will be to write our own
> graphics library. Its not that hard. I'm as surprised as you
> that there's nothing else suitably licenced out there. If
> anyone can suggest one/donate one we'd be delighted.

A cursory search reveals more plotting tools and libraries than you can shake
a stick at.  Having no experience with any of them, I'm at a loss to suggest
any particular one.  I'm also not familiar enough with EMBOSS' plotting
requirements to make a feature-by-feature comparison and see which would
suffice.  And finally, I don't know which ones you may already have tried and
discarded.  :-)

-- Johann

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