Analyzing Large Sequences

ableasby at ableasby at
Thu Feb 22 10:58:19 UTC 2001

Thomas writes in reply:
>I had similar problems when I tried to translate the whole Drosophila genome
>(quite a few of BACs of 300 kb or so).

Could I just make a plea that any perceived bugs are emailed to
emboss-bug at . This has the advantages that:

a) All authors will be informed of any problems
b) It might help the person with the problem
c) It might prevent others from having the same problem.

Please, also report the version (if known), the platform you are using
and whenever possible test data and what you expect to happen in order to
help us reproduce any problem.



PS: The size limit is platform dependent but should be at least 2^31
     and we are working towards making it 2^63 on platforms that can
     accept it.

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