compile problem

ableasby at ableasby at
Sun Jul 23 21:48:01 UTC 2000

First, the solution. The prefix should have been /usr/local as
"lib" is added automatically. We'll check the instructions and
try to make this more clear.

Secondly the GD/JPEG issue. The GNU configure checks for
gdImageCreateFromPng by doing a sed search for the text directly
on the library. If the library is not where specified (or in
a standard directory) or doesn't contain this function then
you'll get that error. With the supplied gd source you have to
make a special effort to compile in jpeg support. If you did
so and didn't have libjpeg* then, as that library is built
statically, you'd get a compile error. If you forced the
library to link dynamically you might not. Whether you'd get
any unresolved runtime messages with EMBOSS would need further
(rather pointless) tinkering. I suppose if you are having
problems and want to eliminate a variable or two then
compile the libraries statically (the gd default).


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