Compile problem

ableasby at ableasby at
Thu Jul 20 08:56:08 UTC 2000

It is certainly nothing to do with JPEG. That is a problem I'm
investigating (I can't get EMBOSS to fail with 1.8.3 at the
moment either.)

The problem David was happening was, for once, clearly shown
in his message (error messages generally being unhelpful:-).

The configure is looking for gdImageCreateFromPng in the gd
library and not finding it in his case. That function does
exist in 1.8.3 so either the wrong library is insatlled,
its picking up the wrong library or something else is
going on. I emailed David asking for more information.

Anyway, to repeat its not a JPEG problem and I haven't managed
to duplicate the JPEG problem. I'll have a word with Peter
about this (he's only next door) before posting to the
group again about it.


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