any success with gcc-2.95.2 on Digital Unix?

David Starks-Browning starksb at
Tue Dec 5 17:01:27 UTC 2000

Greeting EMBOSS users,

Has anyone successfully built EMBOSS with gcc-2.95.2 on Digital Unix?
When I try it, I get syntax errors in ajax/ajfmt.c wherever var_arg is

It compiles fine with gcc-2.95.2 on other platforms (including IRIX
and Linux), so it's probably not a problem with EMBOSS, except
possibly via autoconf.  Also, the Digital cc build is fine.

This is with EMBOSS-1.8.0, though I have always had this problem
(though I do not check it regularly).

Before I investigate further (it's probably a gcc bug), I thought I
would ask if others have had the same experience, in case it's just a
problem with my gcc installation.

Thanks for your help.


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