Submitted update of EMBOSS FreeBSD port

Johann Visagie johann at
Thu Aug 10 13:29:46 UTC 2000

I've just submitted an update to the biology/emboss FreeBSD port.

This update:

- updates EMBOSS from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0

- incorporates a patch to allow the emboss.default file also to be read from
  /usr/local/etc, in addition to the traditional locations.

- installs the provided emboss.default to /usr/local/etc as

- adds a post-installation message urging the user to set the necessary
  environment variables and to tweak emboss.default

- incorporates a patch to install the EMBOSS installed documentation (new in
  1.1.0) to the FreeBSD-ish /usr/local/share/doc/EMBOSS instead of the
  default location.  (Comments?)

Still do do:

- Set some defaults in emboss.default.sample which are consistent with
  FreeBSD diectory hierarchy before intstalling it.

- Install the scripts (and other bits?) to /usr/local/share/examples/EMBOSS

- Create necessary directory structure under /var/db for the user who wants
  to host databases locally (I need to investigate & understand better what's
  going on myself first! :-)

-- Johann

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