[emboss-dev] Anonymous CVS working again :)

Peter biopython at maubp.freeserve.co.uk
Mon Sep 7 11:56:17 UTC 2009

Just an FYI,

While the developer server dev.open-bio.org has been fine, recently
our public read only mirror at cvs.open-bio.org (and cvs.biopython.org)
had not been updated. This affected Biopython and EMBOSS.

And for Biopython as a knock on effect, this had meant the latest
code at http://biopython.org/SRC/biopython/ was a little out of date.
[Biopython's github mirror was not affected]

These all seem to be working fine once again - thanks to someone
at the OBF - let me know who and I'll buy you a beer when we (next)
meet up :)


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