[emboss-dev] Upper limit to "floats" - Checked by AntiVir DEMO version -

Peter Rice pmr at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Mar 2 12:20:08 UTC 2007

Guy Bottu wrote:

> While testing a problem related to the difference between BLAST outputs 
> at the NCBI and at BEN I tried to run blast2seq (our "wrapper" for 
> bl2seq) with parameter -effdbsize=19973047279.0 and got a :
> Uncaught exception:  Assertion failed, raised at ajmem.c:134

Curious. This error suggests you have called ajMemCalloc with a request for an 
array of zero (or negative) length.
I suspect you have exceeded the size of an integer. It does not look like a 
floating point problem.

Macros that call ajMemCalloc include:

AJCALLOC(count, nbytes)
AJCALLOC0(count, nbytes)

In each case, "nbytes" is the value that was not a positive integer.

In EMBOSS memory handling nbytes is of type ajlong. It may be you need to store 
the database size in a larger integer datatype, or perhaps some automatic 
conversion to int is happening.

Let me know if you need more clues.



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