[emboss-dev] heads up for EMBOSS developers: emboss.open-bio.org will be changing IP address

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Tue Jan 24 19:51:50 UTC 2006


I host the emboss.open-bio.org server along with a couple of other  
open-bio machines in a colocation cage in a Boston area datacenter.

Recently I was given a significant amount of additional IP address  
space, actually a full Class C block of 254 public IP addresses. The  
only catch is that in order to get the new space allocation I had to  
agree to renumber all my existing servers, giving up my current  
smaller block in favor of the new Class C.

What this means for EMBOSS:

Not much probably.  emboss.open-bio.org is going to have to change to  
an IP address of:

As far as I can tell, emboss.open-bio.org only hosts FTP and mailing  
lists. If this is true, then I can make the change transparently and  
people should not notice the transition as I'll keep the old IP  
active and aliased for as long as it takes DNS to fully propagate.

I just wanted to let people know what is happening, especially if  
there are any hard coded emboss.org DNS entries that point to our  
open-bio.org hardware.


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