José R. Valverde jrvalverde at
Thu Apr 21 10:33:21 UTC 2005

I just saw there are new improvements in cutgextract... Great!

However, if I may make a suggestion, it would be nice if it where to
save the codon tables in a hierarchical arrangement.

I just converted CUTG... 25k files in all. Amazing! Useful! all thay
deserves a great Yes! but has a serious problem: users of the command
line may try an 'ls Emyorganism*' and find their table, but users of
GUIs will have a tough time to navigate through a pull-down menu with
25 thousand options !

Certainly, the GUI might take (partially) care of that by grouping
tables through the pre-underscore part (organism name), but still
too many would result.

So, perhaps it would be better if CUTG where stored in $EMBOSS_DATA/CUTG,
with each section under its own directory, and tables in each section
arranged by e.g organism or first/two-first letter(s).

This may become an interesting question for the emboss users mailing

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