ACD, toggle handling

pmr at pmr at
Mon Sep 27 14:34:19 UTC 2004

Hi Henrikki,

> Now if I give in commandline option '-insert y', then it asks the "Do you
> want
> to make an insert[N]: ". If i answer no to it, it makes the insert with
> default start value. If I say yes, then it asks to start point.
> Now i would suggest that since I have already given the option that
> depends on
> the toggle option, program should automatically assume that useinsert is
> 'Y'.
> Not ask if want to add insert and then ask for the start point of insert.
> Most often I use the command line options when giving out files, as bash
> has
> autocompletion. Would this be a good way to handle this?

When the ACD file is processed, the "useinsert" toggle is processed first.
The value for "insert" has not yet been processed, and cannot be used.

Toggles are usually not prompted for, so removing the 'standard: "Y"' from
useinsert would perhaps give the behaviour you want (you can also make
that default to "Y" and have -nouseinsert as a commandline oiption to turn
off prompting).  As -useinsert only controls whether the other options are
prompted for (that is what toggle is for) you can set the default either

Hope this helps,


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