Different path for acd file

Raoul Jean Pierre Bonnal raoul.bonnal at itb.cnr.it
Mon Oct 4 13:22:37 UTC 2004

I have compiled and installed cvs emboss siute.
I've packged my application for debian, so my acd file is under 

acd emboss file are installed in

when I run my application, the program looks for myapp.acd under
/usr/share/EMBOSS/acd and then exit with Error: File
/usr/share/EMBOSS/acd/myapp.acd line 0: ACD file not opened

I have tried to use into the main of myapp

embInitP("myapp", argc, argv, "/usr/share/myapp");

without success. I thought embInitP function would have dynamically
modified the standard settings (ref. AJAX_FIXED_ROOT).
Is there a solution?

If I copy myapp.acd in /usr/share/EMBOSS/acd myapp runs correctly.

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