Patten lists ajax header, dirst draft

Henrikki Almusa henrikki.almusa at
Wed Jun 30 13:32:40 UTC 2004

Hello again,

Heres second draft of the files. I have made the struct holding pattern now 
so, that it hold void* instead of regex or string. This allows it to be used 
for holding other types of patterns (if they come from somewhere). I've 
tested parsing function and that seems to be working now.

I'm thinking that the type information perhaps should be in pattern struct 
itself, since its really needed in ajPatternGetCompiledPattern and 
ajPatternDel. Also some kind of checking might be needed on file parsing.

I seem to have problems in reading the information of the pattern struct 
though. I have tried to use this in dreg with

AjPStr file;

while (ajPatlistGetNext(plist,&pat))
    ajFmtPrint ("name: %S\n",ajPatternGetName(name));
    ajFmtPrint ("pattern: %S\n",ajPatternGetPattern(pat));

But this segfaults on ajFmtPrint for some reason. 
#0  0x400ee6ff in cvt_uS () from /work/hena/emboss-2.8.0/lib/
#1  0x400ef39e in ajFmtVfmt () from /work/hena/emboss-2.8.0/lib/
#2  0x400eec7c in ajFmtPrint () from /work/hena/emboss-2.8.0/lib/
#3  0x080487b1 in main ()
#4  0x40452a67 in __libc_start_main () from /lib/i686/

My two other question remain still.

So any comments etc.
Henrikki Almusa
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