Someone is researching your background

Tue Jun 1 11:58:27 UTC 2004


Someone who knows you is looking into your background.

One of our users has begun the process of meeting people who know you via our website for the purpose of researching your background.

This email was automatically sent to you to inform you of this. The user doing the research provided us with your email address.

Why did we send you this email?

When people find out others are talking about them, whether it is good or bad, they usually want to know. We feel that is is our responsibility to try to inform subjects so they have an opportunity to find out what is being said.

To search our website for your email address use this link:

We will notify you in the future if another user is researching you.

To add this email address to our Do Not Email List -

Once you have searched for connections at our site a few times you will understand that it is something you will want to do regularly. A Connection could be submitted about you or someone interesting to you at anytime. Most users want to learn immediately when interesting connections have been submitted, so we developed Daily Automatic New Connection Searching. 

A Daily Automatic New Connection Search is like a manual search except that it occurs automatically every day. After the search completes our system sends you an automatic email to confirm that the search has been performed. If any search results are found a link will be included in the email for your convenience. You can change the searches you want our system to perform through our automatic searching page. These searches occur daily and only search through connections that have been submitted since the last automatic search. 


Awareness Department

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