The empty file problem

Guy Bottu gbottu at
Thu Feb 26 11:04:16 UTC 2004

from : BEN

	Dear developers,

Can I point your attention to a (minor) problem ? When you run e.g. the 
program charge on sw:papa_carpa it creates a file papa_carpa.charge. If 
you run it with parameter -plot it will create a graphic but it will also 
create an empty file papa_carpa.charge. If a papa_carpa.charge from a 
previous run existed already it is overwritten.
Wouldn't it be appropriate to add to :

  outfile: outfile  [
    standard: "@(!$(plot))"
    knowntype: "charge output"

a line  :

    nullok: "$(plot)"

The same problem also exists for dan, findk, freak, hmoment, iep, syco and 

			Guy Bottu

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