Staden and EMBOSS 2.8.O

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Mon Feb 23 10:37:51 UTC 2004

simon andrews (BI) wrote:

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>>Subject: [EMBOSS] Staden and EMBOSS 2.8.O
>>Unfortunately there is no support for Staden anymore (well, 
>>it was recently announced that James Bonfield is working 
>>at Sanger Centre, but according to the Web page he is 
>>only developing gap4, not spin). Does someone know more about it ?
> James recently announced that the MRC have finally agreed to release Staden under an opensource licence.  It is therefore now being hosted and developed as a sourceforge project:
> ..therefore if you're up to making the changes yourself you can submit patches to the project, or if not you can file it as a bug which someone else will hopefully pick up.

I have updated EMBOSS in the past to produce graphics in SPIN for some
programs that did not do it "normally".

I recently volunteered to update SPIN for EMBOSS 2.8.1 (due out soon)
and will put the updates on the Staden SourceForge site and into the
EMBOSS distribution.

James Bonfield is here on campus so we can easily coordinate this. I may
have a volunteer to test the SPIN/EMBOSS interface - but more would be


Peter Rice

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